Hosta Planting Simple Easy Steps!

Hosta Perennial Plants


Easy Instructions

Hosta plant

Hosta plants are a mainstay in many landscapes and gardens, very popular and easy to care for. A remarkable perennial plant that are sturdy and hardy all maintaining a classic look. Most Hosta prefer a shady area but some Hosta like yellow leaved ones, need a period of full sun to appear and function at their finest. For a spectacular display plant your Hosta in a circular design underneath shady trees or use them for an impressive borders along a pathway.



1. To help avoid heat stress from the midday sun, plant your Hosta in the evening or when cloudy.

2. Choose a shady area for planting your Hosta.


3. The hole should be dug slightly larger than the root ball in an area protected by temperature extremes.

4. Spread the roots out evenly and work the soil in between them as you firm the planting area. DO NOT cover the crown area.
5. Water the plant to settle the soil and add additional media if necessary.



A. WATERING: Water the plants without fail and keep in mind that recently planted Hosta need more water with greater regularity than established plants which have developed root systems and have built-up reserves. Water the recent plantings daily for a week or so and then gradually decrease the watering as the plant matures. Don’t allow the soil stay excessively damp, test for wetness by digging through the dirt prior to watering.

B. FERTILIZING: Helps extends long-lasting plant life, fertilize in the first part of spring every year with a good quality fertilizer. Recommended that you let the plants establish themselves first and then add fertilizer if needed. Fragile, limp stalks can result from over-fertilization.


C. MULCHING: Mulching establishes a barricade that lessens the likelihood of soil borne disorders and fungus from reaching your Hosta, mulching helps hold the moisture in the soil, keeps the roots cool and helps control weed growth. For greatest advantage, mulch roundabout the transplant to about a 2 inch deepness, avoiding the plants stem.






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